On Wednesday she cooks her potions.Trying frantically to lift that face,Plump up those cheeks, fill those dimples -Be a knockout again! Mike Tyson, American boxer, was born today in 1966. Katherine Ryan, Canadian-Irish comedian, writer and presenter, was born on this day in 1983. Cheryl Tweedy, English singer, was born on this day in 1983.


An illegal topper with red garters singing in the morning glory!The fat spy (somewhere I’ll find you deep in my heart) is bringing up baby.The wayward bus – ever so slightly dangerous – here come the girls without love.Suddenly, last summer it happened in Athens, and she betrayed the conquest of space Jayne Mansfield, American…


Mud, blood, rockets and bullets,Tanks, cannons, machines guns and horses,Gas, masks, pipers and poetry,And the subject of the blackest of comedy. Mel Brooks, American actor, director, and Filmmarker was born today in 1926. Elon Musk, South African / Canadian / American technology entrepreneur, was born on this day in 1971. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Austrian member…


Lost again in loud refrainShaking walls that cave in painLooping up from dull disdainSending us all quite insane. J.J. Abrams, American filmmaker, was born today in 1966. John Entwistle, English musician and songwriter, bass player for English rock band The Who, died on this day in 2002.


Historic villain, hunch backed and battered,Roaming the battlefield, besmirched and blood-splattered,Appealing to Havoverian King,“A horse, my lord! A horse, please bring.”His weak appeal is lost in the criesOf the moaning injured and last goodbyes,And finally he enters the merciless sightsAnd is remorselessly skewered by avenging knights. Richard III, became king of England today in 1483….


I make my last stand right at the edge,I dig in my heels, like a squealing sow,Before I make my solemn last pledgeAnd then jump into legend, like a sacred cow. George Orwell, English novelist, was born today in 1903. George Armstrong Custer, American General, made his last stand and died on this day in…


Follow it back, head to the start,Kicking and beating the hungry consumersPounding the drum, straight to the heart,Feeling the tempo, scotching the rumours. Lionel Messi, Argentinian Professional Footballer, was born today in 1987. Mick Fleetwood, English musician and actor, drummer and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, was born on this day in 1947.


Don’t think of the curve,Or butting heads with the stubborn ram,On opening night, you’ll feel the verve,And be crossed, like a paschal lamb. Zinedine Zidane, French professional footballer and manager, was born today in 1972. Peter Falk, American actor, famous for his role as Lt. Columbo, died on this day in 2011.


We stand our ground with faithful hearts together.They beat on through the night and into day.Follow your path to truth with no white feather,But, truth is hard to spot, hard to convey.The post will drop, the clock will tick again,The stars will shine then dawn will end the night.Your deeds in life will not be…


He sharpens his teeth to take a bite outOf the Prince, to make them both feel alive.In some way to prove that they both exist -To be right here, right now, and not a slave. Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher, playwright, novelist and critic, was born today in 1905. Chris Pratt, American actor, was born on…