Feb02 🌹

Mark Twain
The standard things, really:
A card and a kiss, an "I love you..."
The routine accompaniment.
As always
I stand for twenty minutes 
In the supermarket
Staring at the flowers.
I reason with myself
(Because I'm the only one that can)
That it's always a better investment in
Flowers that are growing in a pot.
They will last longer.
We can tend them together.
All the rest will die.
And I don't want it to die.

American author, Mark Twain, married Olivia Langdon on this day in 1870.

American Actress, Elizabeth Taylor, marries for the 3rd time, to producer Mike Todd on this day in 1957.

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  1. smzang says:

    I love that twist at the end!

  2. love the poem 💕📚☕️

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