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Rosa Parks
I'll meet you at the end of the line
   Where the light is bright.
I'll wait for you in my favourite seat
   And sit patiently for you arrive.
Then we can count the rays of the setting sun
   And list the ways of the hunter's moon.
We'll recount our bracing of the Detroit wall
   In facing the fall with raised hands
To lift the remains once again into strength
   And accept the staining ink
Upon the papers I wrote from memory
   When our brothers raised hands 
To break another barrier to freedom
   And we crossed the rainbow bridge to white 
Space ahead and find that the brightest light
   Is at the end of the line.

Rosa Park, American civil rights activist, was born today in 1913. Her birthday is celebrated as Rosa Parks Day in California and Missouri.

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  1. eob2 says:

    Beautiful tribute

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