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Blue Whale
Waves of Space


To us, the ocean-born, each drop of life 
Retains a taste unique to the current 
That gave it flow and form. 
                                                  They're our markers. 
The familiar scents of soulful home. 
And we use them to navigate the deep, 
To find our kin, communicate our needs, 
Our clicking voice pushed through the dark blue void 
That wraps the world, now lost to all humans. 
Where have you gone, 
                                            Oh, masters of the land? 
The days are gone when their metallic ships 
Steadfastly carved the foaming waves asunder. 
The poison of their waste no longer stings, 
Like clinging weed of death, to kill our kind. 
Yet, we miss our fleeting interactions, 
Those moments when together we did learn. 
We know there were among them evil ones, 
Enslaving us for their entertainment, 
Forcing us to jump through the drying air, 
Through hoops and play mindless games no good. 
But silence now is found in old harbours 
And ports the once tumbled with commotion. 
That warlike peace has haunted us for years. 
Where are you now, 
                                     Oh, navigators true?

The Blue whale, the largest animal on earth.

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  1. Jim Stewart says:

    Whales and dogs: the only creatures who will miss us.

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