Feb08 πŸ‘‘

Mary, Queen of Scots
No one knew her truly.
She was but a shadow.
A ghoul, chasing from 
Room to room
Any thoughts of rebellion,
Any chance of freedom.
They say that light comes
To those that die,
But I say that only the 
Curtain of night awaits.
And even in that midnight
The faint pinpricks of light
Are enough to keep the
Dead from re-living
The wrongs in their life.
So go, then, go.
Go on and be.
Join with those pinpricks
As a new constellation
We look to when dying.
And we will make
New sayings and new tales
Of the ghosts of the North.

Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, was executed today in 1587.

Robert Devereux, English nobleman, led a failed rebellion against Elizabeth I, today in 1601.

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