Feb16 ⭐

Elizabeth Olsen

Merge and divide, 
                 like lovers lost. 

The shower chatters amongst the undergrowth, 
Charming the earthworms 
With its percussive beat. 

The gathering puddles pool in the road. 
Bubbles imprison the colours 
In floating rainbows that swirl over the surface tension. 

And the air! Ah! The air is heady 
With intense scent of the soil, 
Like the bouquet of a fine Cabernet Sauvignon. 
That rich earthly tang of rebirth 
Abounds from ground to ether.

LeVar Burton, American Actor, presenter, director and author, was born today in 1957.

Elizabeth Olsen, American Actress, was born today in 1989.

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  1. eob2 says:

    Beautiful atmospheric ambiance, nicely done. One can place themselves in the moment.👏🏼

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