Feb17 🎸

Ed Sheeran
The delinquents were around again: 
The usual suspects. 
They touched down to raid my lawn, 
Chirping, squabbling, tearing up tufts 
Just to nab a juicy, wriggling grub. 
Their heads popping 
As they hopped around like clockwork toys. 
They scattered to the ether when they 
Caught a glimpse of danger. 

They stole more than bugs from my garden, 
They pinched me. I was had! 
I was into them more than Reddit. 
I was hooked more than a Vine. 
They nicked ten minutes from me 
And I didn't lose a penny. 
Who is the delinquent now? 
Those birds, revelling in nature? 
Or me, wallowing in un-nature? 

Am I so shallow that I get duped by cute? 
By the flash of a Catloaf?
A derpy dog pushing 
A tree trunk through a opening 
That's too small? 
An idiot driver who can't park? 
Or one that smashes hopelessly into anything? 
The endless repost of the same image?
For what purpose? Probably karma? 

I must be sick! The world outside my window 
Is real. I could touch it. I could sit for hours 
Enjoying those starlings and their antics. 
But instead, we choose to pick up, Instagram, 
Snapchat some shit, Facebook it, 
Then Google "How to get a life?" 
The reality is we should stop Googling Oprah! 
Instead, Google this: 
Modern life is rubbish!

Ed Sheeran, English Singer, songwriter and actor, was born today in 1991.

Bonnie Wright, English Actress, film director, model, screenwriter and producer, was born today in 1991.

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