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Admiral John Byng
Impassive Time encasing existence, 
Tracing photons away in the distance, 
One minute behind, the next he's in front, 
Being omnipresent: his favourite stunt. 
Time's toys will never be thrown from his pram, 
He can't spit his dummy or give a damn, 
Time is immune to the anguish of loss, 
He won't shed a tear, He won't give a toss. 
He hasn't time to think about movement 
Or weigh up the gains from self-improvement, 
Too rushed is he deciding our deadlines, 
Printing our fortune, spun out in headlines. 
Time is all where, all when, all what, always, 
Tumbling through years, though months, through weeks, through days, 
Stopping the clocks for meer seconds or hours, 
Rotting the petals, aging the flowers. 
See them wither with a wave of his hand, 
Broken glass vases reducing to sand. 
Time has the power to fold any space, 
No one can beat him, he'll win every race. 
Even the Reaper will dance to his tune, 
Jigging along like a skeletal lune. 
Our only choice is to embrace our fate, 
Accept that Death's icy grip we await. 
So, don't run, Time's always there, nonetheless, 
Naturally Time and Death acquiesce 
To toy with us like dangling muppets. 
Time, truly is the master of puppets.

Admiral John Byng, English Admiral, was court-martialed and executed today in 1757.

Albert Einstein, German-born theoretical physicist, was born today in 1879.

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