Mar22 🌊

Marcel Marceau
In the ripple of an arm I mime the future:
The stars are our highway.

I twist appropriately to angle like a nacelle
And surf the caps of engineer's wet dreams.

As silent as the void I now mime,
My imitation so clear, Rarotonga was green.

Still as the mill pond, waiting to fall to the grind,
Turning so solid for flour, forge and star-base.

In this story I lie and lean against a transparent force-field:
Magnetic, disruptive, phased and transported.

Marcel Marceau, French mime artist, was born today in 1923.

William Shatner, Canadian actor, famous for his roles as James T. Kirk and T. J. Hooker, was born today in 1931.

Today is U.N. World Water Day.

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    A song World Water Day……….

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