Dream Wakas – 5

Statuesque mornings Numbly lit by diluted Grey held captive in Tumbling, rampant storm clouds Wound tight over the roughed dawn.

Dream Wakas – 4

Souvenirs in minds, Surrealist, visceral views Of Soliloquies That vanish with clouds of grime, Pollute daffodils by water.

Dream Wakas – 3

Volunteer to me A relic of owl feathers Dangling from oak, Set it high, near glass, Let it snare my night visions.

Dream Wakas – 2

Don’t gather sphagnum From courtyard fences partly Overgrown at dawn When phantoms of older days Will tire from chasing time.

Dream Wakas – 1

1 I, defunct bastard, Diagnosed with life at birth, Understand these words And how they translate across The abyss within my deep.

Morning Haiku – 125

Faces, interlocked now,Like Janus, peering into futureAnd the past, simultaneously.