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A Perpetual State of Attack

A Perpetual State of Attack

A journey into a fractured mind.

Loneliness can do things to you. It can make you see things, hear things, believe things are going to get you. A poetic adventure,with comedy and tragedy, examining the effect of modern life on mental health.

This be the war…


This be the war! 

There will be no compromise.

I saw them invade.

They invaded my kitchen.
They invaded my home.
They invaded my country.
They invaded my universe.
They invaded my vision.
They invaded my senses.
They invaded my brain.
They invaded my life.

An illegal troop movement.
They attempt to annex my sugar bowl.
A commando raid on my fridge.
They will steal my coke - the spoils of war.

This is it, the game is on.
This game is real.
It is the ultimate battle.
Of good and evil.

A battle of wits and wills.
A battle of wiles and warriors.
A battle of heroes and villains.
A battle of bloodshed and violence.
A battle of generals and admirals.
A battle of class and medals.
A battle of awakenings and realisation.
A battle of men and ants.

There will be poetry written.

It will tell of victory without compromise.

This be the war!

“A perpetual state of attack” is available in paperback and ePub.

“A perpetual state of attack” is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

Kobo Edition also available.

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None Sense

None Sense is my first collection of poetry. Its available on Lulu right now. Also available on Amazon.

Kobo Edition available.

Also available on Barnes and Noble Nook.

Also on Apple iBooks.

None Sense