Short Stuff….


A ruler?
At the very start,
Seek the end in the middle.
Locate then depart.


Perceive the rainbow,
Attitude, angle and form –
Mix colour, then flow.

Reaching out, seeking, 
Rising from the foaming deep -
A dreadnought sea King.

Regards from the brink, 
It's a long way down from here -
Bring an extra drink.

An idea develops - 
Chew down; digest; throw it up -
Re-make, like Pelops.

Enflamed palm
An extended palm 
Cups a pool of liquid flame
That burns without harm.

Break room kitchen scrums 
Teases lunch time dining treat
To fill empty tums.

Confetti blossom 
Flutters down to wedding guests
Who pluck, hoard, toss some.

Bright windows hold my 
Spectred reflection tight to
The real world's gray sky.

A Turtle
Trampled by turtles, 
Startled lemming leaps off ledge.
Downwards it hurtles.

A child soldier
Boy, dead inside, eyes 
Torture around the home, blocks heart
Oozing your lame love.

Putrid life consumes: 
Its a sucker hellbent on
Eating all our glee.

Jolly Butcher
Turkeys fear the knife - 
Tinseled butchers chop em up-
End their poultry life.

Harvest Festival
Mango, cherry, 
Sweet nut, berry,
Orange, Apple,
Harvest chapel.
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