Prompt 01

A Winter Scene with Aliens

The aliens have landed deep in the English countryside on a particularly snowy day. You can make out their hawk-wing craft scudding off into the distance. The aliens themselves are able to take many forms. Here we can see one has tried to form itself into an odd combination of rock and wading bird. The two in the middle are crosses between a black pudding and a diseased bovine. Far away at the back of the field, we can just make out the 18th-century alien hunters, intrigued, but ever so slightly terrified.

Submission Rules

Submit your poetry based on this prompt to Please keep submissions to no more than 40 lines. The submission should use 12pt font in docx format. Please include your full name and link to your blog, if you have one, in the body of your submission email. The deadline for submissions is the 28th of April 2023. The best submissions will be published here in early May 2023.

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