Dream Wakas – 19

The black, billowing, A rolled smudge, a smeared bluster, Pressing me into Another blind cul-de-sac, Another never knowing.

Dream Waka – 18

Winter trapped on a white Bauble, snow wrapped and bright. Outside the cold, fell sight Of the bleakest, blackest night Drains peace from the Christmas light.

Dream Wakas – 17

Foolishly I wait, Hoping that the daylight will Give me another chance To witness, experience The colour and taste of dreams.

Dream Wakas – 16

The without within, A burgeoning leaf of frost Blossom, awaiting Crisp moments of clarity, Blue as deep blue sea ice.

Dream Wakas – 15

Cowering away From the ghost of a lover, Haunting me in dreams, Haunting me in the daylight, Longing for exorcism.

Dream Wakas – 14

My pathetic shape, Hunched, like failure, avoiding Eye contact, hiding In slime pits of malcontent Obscuring the scars of life.

Dream Wakas – 13

Before me is a  mirror, but I cannot see  My own reflection. The only thing I can see Is the Devil in the mist.

Dream Wakas – 12

A solitary Squat ball of elastic bands, Lines tight in orbit With tension wrapped in layers, Colours crossing to the core.

Dream Wakas – 11

A chasing wolf pack Hunting across midnight moors, Wild and weary, Noses leading to my scent, Awaiting, expecting, devouring.

Dream Wakas – 10

A hollow in the crowd, A bubble of purity, Singular, within, Burning only, one in flames Licking around the believer.