Dream Wakas – 36

A choice, I suppose, Between the real and the dreams. I choose to sleep on, To experience dreaming: In the clouds, in the visions.

Dream Wakas – 35

So, I could roll it All back… back to the gamble That had two faces, The gamble I took out there That looked back while looking forward.

Dream Wakas – 34

I follow the tracks Leading all the way back to The storm clouds above. What a journey! Adventure Through the veiled night of cloaked turmoil.

Dream Wakas – 33

Truly, the light fades As oxygen is consumed. I possess a new Set of inward, fearful sights  Blurred by the real, like raindrops.

Dream Wakas – 32

Gasping seems to be My coping mechanism. If I’m struggling To breath then I know that things Around me must be solid.

Dream Wakas – 31

Perhaps it would be Best to feel something for once. Feeling experience / Feeling a touch of the wind / Feeling the tightening cord /

Dream Wakas – 30

Objective: A dream That can take root in my mind And perhaps go on Beyond the moments I lay Catatonic in my cell.

Dream Wakas – 29

My punishment is A taste of the freedom that I deny myself As I chain myself to the Anchor of doom plunging deep.

Dream Wakas – 28

If I am guilty Of a crime against myself The evidence of My wrongdoing will be found Playing over and over In my long recurring dreams.

Dream Wakas – 27

Slow clouds crawl across The unblinking moon’s vision Blinkering it from My night time crimes committed Against myself yet again.