Jesus was a Black Man his blood was as red as mine, and when they whipped him, and when they raised him up and his dark cross burnt through the night, I saw them pick him, like an apple, and they planted him in the ground to send him home, and I saw the watchtowers…

Morning Haiku – 11

Summer can’t stop death approaching in September’s bleak cloak of retreat.


Over Another Rainbow. . Every wind may blossom sails curved into collectors of raw distance between home and far endpoints in parallel existence run-times. And this run-time had landscapes, seascapes, rolling clouds and witches at opposite compass points, each possessing impressive and interpretive graffiti signatures. Heading west, away from religion, there were televisions showing crashed…

Morning Haiku – 10

Blue stings my fat eyes to Summer blandness in France and a Finch flies forth.


Suicide Love Letter. Will you please send a delicately written out love letter to the end? Can you also recommend which words I should cut out? Will you please send metaphors and images penned so I can stand and shout your love letter to the end? I’ll explain what I intend while you huff and…

Morning Haiku – 9

Clouds, cold punched morning clouds, cold as July cold sweats – bowing old master.


I saw his statue pro-action in prescience I eat a pomegranate with the collected seeds I’ll grow a new world it will bloom into thought it will evolve its own religion a nature will escape wild life will farewell and a universe will transcend an insect’s universe is so small but, in my universe, I…

Morning Haiku – 8

Springing trickle sprung, Like leaky spiral slinky, Escapes scuttled bucket. Not quite a haiku, but I couldn’t resist the extra syllable.


Modern Life is Rubbish V. Modern life is rubbish, Like a field of clay Ploughed with your fingers, Clogging up your nails, Sullying your shirt sleeves, Your knees caked in clinging clods of dirt. Wipe your hands on your rear. Move the muck around, Smear it down your cleanest, Most ironic t-shirt. Wave away the…

Morning Haiku – 7

Focal point recedes beyond Summer waves vision To fledgling first flight.