Dream Wakas – 44

They thought the land gave them the Signs the were so longing for. But, with the bursting of The Dam, the sheep were scattered Into the forests with the wolves.

Dream Wakas – 43

The children of the Cornfield link their downy arms And ring the rings from Above, flattened by mischief, Celebrated as gospel.

Dream Wakas – 42

My quickening pulse Charts a course across dreamlands, My eyes scrape over Landscapes projected against The inside of my eyelids.

Dream Wakas – 41

Kneeling towards the east Giving time and honesty, Giving all moments, In conversation that lingers Longer upon my tongue than a lie.

Dream Wakas – 40

I think it’s a garden, A green lawn inviting the birds, Nesting within the branches And I think it’s vital moss With thankful palms upward.

Dream Wakas – 39

I think it’s a wild jungle, With green hands reaching to heaven, Waving for God’s attention. As the clouds close in response He gives the ground even more life.

Dream Wakas – 38

Step by step onward And a garden grows underfoot, Curling quick between My toes, wrapping around my  Ankles and fruiting so sweet.

Dream Wakas – 37

I stand by a gate, Which swings wildly in a wind. Rain smothers my face, Drowning me in the raging storm, Keeping me from the pathway.

Dream Wakas – 36

A choice, I suppose, Between the real and the dreams. I choose to sleep on, To experience dreaming: In the clouds, in the visions.

Dream Wakas – 35

So, I could roll it All back… back to the gamble That had two faces, The gamble I took out there That looked back while looking forward.