Morning Haiku 94

Red Claudia barred To the Brixton Beat for A haircut and WIG.

Penable / Really Neat Blog Award

Penable Award Thanks to “Poems from the Heart” for nominating my blog for this amazing award As my readers will attest, my writing strength is poetry. The aim of the project is write original daily poetry. Today is the 651st day and the 734th poem. Phew! Really Neat Blog Award Thanks to “A Girl…

Morning Haiku – 91

The descent from Scarlett Pastel smudged through to azure Tracks Mars in the South


The Circle – Part IX – Ben, John and Pam. The circle is silent, deep in their trance. John sees the small boat in rough seas again, But, the small details have changed at first glance, And the figure’s a man who looks like Ben. In shock, John is snapped out of his vision And…