Feb 15

His frozen feet pound the ice,Trudging southbound intoThe jaws of death. Decimal Day in the United Kingdom, as the switch to pounds and pence, in 1975. Ernest Shackleton, British polar explorer, was born on this day in 1874.

Feb 14

Machine guns blaring!Stiffs hit the deck!Brokenhearted, Jeeves uploaded the footage. Saint Valentines Day Massacre took place in 1929. YouTube, the video sharing web site, is launched on this day in 2005. James Cook, British explorer, navigator and captain, died on this day in 1779. P. G. Wodehouse, English author, died on this day in 1975.

Jan 30

Oliver’s spiked head,Rotten, like his soul, befitsCharles’ cackling revenge. Charles I was executed on this day in 1625. Oliver Cromwell was posthumously executed on this day in 1661. The 47 Ronin avenged the death of this master on this day in 1703.

Jan 28

Apple-cheeked Hal leersWith pride, licking his lipsWithout prejudice. Henry VIII, King of England from 22nd April 1509, until his death on this day in 1547. Henry VII, King of England from 22nd August 1485 until 21st April 1509, was born on this day in 1457. Jane Austin’s novel Pride and Prejudice is first published on this day in…

Jan 20

Goodbye, good King George.Blue velvet lines his coffin,Peaceful til the close. George V, King of the United Kingdon, died today in 1936 American film director, David Lynch, was born today in 1946. Robert P T Coffin, American poet and Pulitzer prize winner, died today in 1955.

Jan 15

Shakespeare and MarloweWill wiki her with sonnetsIn double-quick time. Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey, London, on this day in 1559. Wikipedia the free online encyclopedia, goes online on this day in 2001.

Jan 05

Norman sees his chance, Dons his helmet, draws his sword, Chugs his beer for war! Edward the Confessor dies in 1066, leading to the Norman invasion of Britain. The German workers’ party formed, which would eventually become the Nazi party, was formed on this day in 1919.