Jan 27

Sit on the crapper,Mozart, and compose a tuneFor Jabberwocky. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on this day in 1756. Lewis Carroll, English author, was born on this day in 1832. Thomas Crapper, plumber and toilet innovator, died on this day in 1910.

Jan 26

Fast Eddie’s OscarGleams on John’s new goggle-boxShowing the first fleet. America actor, Paul Newman, was born on this day in 1925. American musician, Eddie Van Halen, was born on this day in 1955. Australia Day celebrated in Australia. John Logie Baird, Scottish engineer and inventor, demonstrated the his first working television on this day in 1926.

Jan 08

Crazy Horse charges.Major Tom spies from orbitAnd types: SOS! Crazy Horse fought his last battle today in 1877. David Bowie was born on this day in 1947. Typing day observed across the globe today.

Jan 06

Newt quails at the jazz.He trumps Bush for president,Trumpets his ticket. Actor Eddie Redmayne was born on this day in 1982. Jazz pioneer and Trumpeter, Dizzy Gillespie, died on this day in 1993. George W. Bush and Donald Trump confirmed as president 41st (2001) and 45th (2017) US Presidents, respectively, by Congress.