Morning Haiku – 7

Focal point recedes beyond Summer waves vision To fledgling first flight.

Morning Haiku – 6

Stopped, waiting, watching, in stationary old car, for June eve’s red nights. Inspired by the Song “3 Red Lights” by Underheaven.

Morning Haiku – 5

Magpie croaks like frog on August morning puking. Wide wild wings await. Inspired by the Song “Water Bird” by Coaltar of the Deepers.

Morning Haiku – 4

Stooping to hear King’s mumbled excuse for Sun’s crown blinding hunter’s scope. Inspired by the Song “Chattermachines” by Arc Iris.

Morning Haiku – 3

Speed stops that train shake away into July dawns as men chew their pride. Inspired by the song “Soda Lollipop” by Noisymphony.

Morning Haiku – 2

Yuppies slink away To distant summer house dens reading glossy rags. Inspired by the Song “Yuppie” by Ginger Taylor.

Morning Haiku – 1

The yellow house sleeps In summer delay so deep When crickets alarm. Inspired by the Song La Maison Jaune, by Klô Pelgag.