Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker
He crashes down upon the melting beach
And howls aloud, bedecked in bitter pain.
The hated one is now beyond his reach,
As flames of death lick at him with disdain.
Suspected secrets his master wouldn't teach,
The learner will master this fierce domain.
Revenge he’ll have even with his last breath.
Complete that circle with his rightful death.

The years would pass locked in that painful suit
Which mocks him like that never healing scar,
Until that day, his senses so acute,
Tastes his old mentor's fear on the Death Star.
He’ll end the anger of their old dispute.
With grim intent he stalks him from afar
And cuts him down to end his wretched life,
But feels defeated with his loss, so rife.

A loss compounded when he finds his son.
Padmé was right, he lost himself that day
And surrendered to the evil deeds he'd done.
He should've been strong enough to turn away,
The darkness clouding him can be undone
By the love he now feels but can’t convey,
By the love he feels within this young boy:
The boy his master wants him to destroy.

And there they stand, face-to-face at long last
With his master goading, provoking him.
He holds his nerve and turns away, steadfast,
But he shows the naif that cost him his limb.
Their duel is futile, his son is so fast,
He shrouds himself within the shadows dim.
He’ll provoke that weakness and kill his son
And prove the dark side’s strong and show he’s won.

But he’s the fool, his plans backfire again
And Sidious laughs at his weak demise.
So, cruel fate twists to end him and his pain?
The Force has other plans before he dies.
His Son, a Jedi Knight, is thus humane.
Evil Sidious wreaks his burning cries
With arching volts that draws his life away
And a light is there to make his master pay.

And so he dies with Luke within his sight
He feels the pride for him replace the fear.
This boy has done what he could not get right:
Denounced the dark by loving what was dear,
Rejected anger, hate and fear for light.
Now it’s his turn to pass to that frontier,
Give up his soul to the walk across the sky,
And shine like all gifted master Jedi.

Hayden Christensen, Canadian actor, famous for his role as Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels, was born today in 1981.

Lord Byron, English romantic poet, died on this day in 1824.

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