May the Fourth...
Star Wars Day
A Message from your Emperor
On the issuing of Order 66…

Go lightly, my young warriors!
Go strong, defenders of this Grand Empire!
Dead-shots all, I commend thee to this noble quest:
Put to death the loathsome Jedi Traitors.
Crash down upon sniveling rebel dogs!
Divide and destroy all treacherous freedom fighters.
Stamp out all dissent and uprisings!
Spare no mercy on those villains!
Now, Go, my valiant Storm troopers
,Go forth and bring order to the Galaxy!

Star Wars day, is celebrated across the world on this day since 2011.

Audrey Hepburn, British actress and humanitarian, was born on this day in 1929.

Tipu Sultan, Indian ruler and freedom fighter, was killed on this day in 1799.

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