Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo
A mired knot of sparrows flittingly quarrel
From looping gallows to the hangman immoral
And swooping herons besieged into paint
Form portraits from landscapes dried in restraint.

In searching for chattering starlings around
It feels like the gobbling turkeys are proud
And mustering storks are feebly knocking
Their knees in hankering after jet black stockings.

But see the last light of falling day end
As the murdering crows start to descend.
It signals the night and all of the study
That hooting owls gorge on in killings so bloody.

Now is the time of Sapsuckers slurping
And the ascension of Larks noisily burping
And sleeping is nurtured in the softest of pillows
And I finally slumber among whispering willows.

Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist, was born today in 1907.

Sir Thomas More, English lawyer, author, and statesman, was executed for treason on this day in 1535.

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