Yul Brynner
Yul Brynner
The green is curling at the edge
And I could go swimming deep to ocean
Rolling through the lapping, dappling water sedge
That cuts through my village in constant motion.

It feels like the fire of August will burn
The face of the clocks to stop in pride
And the clockwork will turn just in time to churn
To see the flames lick the roof entirely inside.

I’ve fashioned myself a shield against the fury
And the jury will purge themselves of guilt.
For the guilty will always be punished purely
And the punishment will be sewn into a quilt.

And from that craft will be born our vision
That we will fold into paper boats
And entrust our future to the river driven
Downstream to the end of our fresh water anecdotes.

Yul_Bryinner, Russian-American actor, was born today in 1920.

Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer, was born on this day in 1934.

George Gershwin, American composer and pianist, died today in 1937.

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