Amy Winehouse
Milking the Witch

Burning! burning high, up on her altar,
Like a blazing beacon for the broken,
Her ancient prismatic-magic woven
Deep into the folds of her jet black robes,
Her rough head-dress of oak, mystically warped
Into spiked hoops hanging around her neck,
Piercing and scarring her pale, waxy skin.
She reveals her breasts, brimming with temptation,
And her frantic followers suckle deep.
Suckle until their senses numb again -
Numb out the empty pain of their long hours;
Numb them into slumber at her clawed feet
And she takes them slowly: a Succubus.

Raymond Chandler, American author and screenwriter, was born today in 1888.

Daniel Radcliffe, English actor and producer, was born on this day in 1989.

Amy Winehouse, English singer songwriter, died on this day in 2011.

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