Aldous Huxley
"The circle is complete," the despot cries,
Strutting like a peacock in his penthouse.
In far future, the world is bleached white.
The heat of the Sun burns shadows in grass
And humanity is reduced to cavemen.
He has been here before, in detailed planning,
Replaying these scenes, as he corrupts beauty.
Watching it burn now, he cackles in glee,
Like vengeful rape of innocent, young life,
He's taken the vestiges of purity.
Dust! Dust! The milky dust of that destruction.
It is erotically pleasing to him.
Dust! Dust! The seeding dust of that destruction.
But it is watered down in the melting.
The glazier water washing it down,
Deep down into the valleys far below.
There, at the bottom, the kindling smoulders.
Growing! Growing! The spark becomes a roar!
And from the roar the wings are spreading wide
The fire-full Phoenix is once again whole.
And from the perversity of destruction
Is born the purity of creation.
"The circle is complete!" The despot cries.

George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and political activist, was born today in 1856.

Aldous Huxley, English writer and philosopher, was born on this day in 1894.

Stanley Kubrick, American film director and producer, was born today in 1928.

Mick Jagger, English musician and songwriter, singer for the Rolling Stones, was born on this day in 1943.

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