J.K. Rowling
No more good could come from this. 
No longing looks to distant shores
From slowly sinking ships on reefs
As tiger sharks circle for the kill,
Can stop our inevitable demise.

Placing too much trust in the system
Caused this imbalance - this tilt.
We observe, oblivious to the slide.
It takes us further away from each other,
Forcing us to distant poles.

As we slowly move, like tectonic plates,
We can't feel the cracks appearing,
We can't perceive the rending.
To us this will always be a War on Drugs
Or a Philosopher's Stone.

We are like Gary Becker, Emma Watson and Ben Crompton,
Looking upon the great stagflation;
Looking upon the empty Quiddich field;
Looking upon the Career of Evil;
And wondering when our lives will start again.

J.K. Rowling, English novelist, was born today in 1965.

Milton Friedman, American economist, was born on this day in 1912.

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