Isaac Hayes
Perched on the shaft of a muddied spade, 
A hungry Chaffinch sat, its belly bulbous from malnutrition.
Balanced perfectly between the glory of genius
And the plummeting depths of insanity, the weight
Of the bird centred the tool in equilibrium over the abyss.

Praying it wouldn't move, the owner sat and watched,
Gnawing on his finger tips like a expectant father,
Knowing it would by his mind unhinged by flight.

Inevitably the moments seemed to screech into slow motion:
The bird coiling itself with its remaining strength;
Springing forth upon its wings and attaining lift; it was gone -
Along with his hopes. And the spade? It tipped, as expected,
And clattered into the shaft, along with his mind.

Sid Waddell, English sports commentator, was born today in 1940.

Isaac Hayes, American musician and songwriter, died on this day in 2008.

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