H. G. Wells
The first thing seen is the twinkle. 
It's a sprinkle of moon dust, star dust.
It pings like a ricochet, bouncing ever.
It obscures the bulk, a hulk, a hull,
Punctuated like a pin cushion, bristling
With armament and death.
Sliding through the black
No turbulence in the night
The pinpricks of light invade
Like the invaders within
Marauders that bring terror
From orbit, like descending doom.
They come down like a cloud of the birds
They fall down like psychos
They come to kill with machines
Of consumption and crushing
They recycle the air into smoke
They curdle the ocean with silt
They corrupt our great material with dirt
They obliterate then murder.

Alfred Hitchcock, English film director and producer, was born today in 1899.

H. G. Wells, English writer, died on this day in 1946.

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