Ted Hughes
Hairless, almost. 
Down upon arms
And legs
And chest
And back.

The knuckles
Of burly
Fumbling hands
Scraped the
Jungle bush.

Arms, muscular,
Sinewed and agile
Tore at the grasses,
The fruits, the seeds
The tissue, the flesh.

Eager eyes
Devoured the detail
Scanning the peace
With ears and
Suspicious nose.

Then we locked gaze.
The hunter, or hunted?
But, the beast was spooked
And burst from crouch
To flight into depths and dark.

Only at this point
Did I realise
I looked
Into the eyes
Of the man.

Ted Hughes, English poet, playwright and writer, was born on this day in 1930.

Frederick the Great, Prussian monarch and military leader, died on this day in 1786.

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