Gene Roddenberry
A well trodden path led to a white gate, 
A corridor of power, which hung ajar.

Beyond stood a white house with
White doors, white windows, white roof, white walls.

The wind shuffled and it creaked
Like a night frog lamenting.

The wind blew and it slammed
Like the strike of Mjolnir.

The wind howled as a lone wolf does
Hunting for its prey a midnight.

Plucking up courage, I flicked open the gate again,
Strode through like a student on the first day at college.

Anger grabbed me by the scruff of my neck,
Baring its teeth as the hungry wolf does.

Disappointment struck like lightning,
I knew I was wrong - I knew this was wrong.

Regret ached within like the
Reproachful croak of the frog.

I finally understood: The white house was
Made of white sand, and my tears will melt it.

Gene Roddenberry, American TV screenwriter and producer and creator of the original Star Trek series, was born today in 1921.

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, was born on this day in 1946.

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  1. tara caribou says:

    Oh wow. Yeah, I really like this. Powerful.

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