Sophia Loren
Far away from fantasy, 
In a far, far away place, ironically,
An oldish bloke spent a lot of time
Growing his beard long.
It wasn't quite Ralph Lauren,
But it was nearly Tom Ford.
He sat with his GHD straighteners,
And his Captain Fawcett wax,
Twirling and aligning
The facial hair until
The beard sat stock straight under his chin
And the moustache curled at the ends
Like two little piglet tails.
Once it had reached the requisite length
(He measured it each day)
He began to construct his "look".
Pattern is the norm here,
Making sure that it hurts onlookers eyes,
And jars not only in colour
But stripe, ensuring
Any angular momentum
Blurs against the background
Like a mystery of rainbow visual noise.
Every hipster needs appropriate Spectacles.
His were round, with blue fade tint,
Which accentuated his deep bagged eyes
And blood shot optics.
Dungarees finished off with heavy
Hob nail boots, which could've
Been a paratrooper's,
Dragged him back in time
To when punk was real
And I wanted to see Star Wars.
Then he was ready to hit the streets
Of deepest, darkest Milton Keynes.

Sophia Loren, Italian actress and singer, was born today in 1934.

George R. R. Martin, American author, was born on this day in 1948.

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