John Lennon
Down from the King's Arms is the cardboard kingdom.
It has a prince and some lords, but no crown jewels.
Many call it home and they adorn their straw houses
With peace signs and hard stares ejaculated from popper pots.
A cacophony of coughing and hollering, whooping up lung-cheese,
Awakes the bibulous court, distracting them from their instrumentation
And the tears they gradually harvest into fake plastic Coke bottles
To age to perfection in their ceiling-less vaults.
As the sun crawls into the sky above aged steeples, the court adjourns,
Heading off to hunt for lost love lives within brown paper packages
And await the arrival of famished, wind-bag wolves... finally free...

Brian Blessed, English actor, was born today in 1936.

John Lennon, English singer-songwriter and peace activist, was born on this day in 1940.

PJ Harvey, English singer-songwriter, author and poet, was born today in 1969.

Che Guevara, Argentinian Marxist revolutionary, was executed today in 1967.

The King’s Arms project.

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