Alfred Nobel
As the two of them lock eyes,
They unlock the precariousness of their
Relative positions.
On one side, a man dangling over the edge,
Below him 50 stories of emptiness leading to
A concrete landing zone.
All that is stopping him is his own failing grasp.
On the other side, a so-called man,
Meditating on existence.
Relative positions:
Both about to die, in different ways.
The faller plummeting to his splatter.
The dreamer waiting
For his heart to stop beating mechanically.
As the dreamer feels
The moments between each beat
Lengthen, like the stretching of
An elastic band, about to snap,
Each failing finger of the faller
Slips from the
Slimy beam that he clutches.
It feels like a key
Slowly inching into a lock,
Slowly and delicately turning,
The satisfaction of the engaging mechanism
As the block slides across,
Allowing freedom.
And he goes...
From his dream of the last beat
He feels his last beat,
The blood flooding into
His arms, his sinews snap,
As his brain, awake just enough
To signal his reaction,
A new grasp,
A new hope.
The dreamer dreaming his final dream,
Now the provider of extended life,
Which he couldn't get,
Beyond his own.
He lifts the broken body,
That broken spirit,
From the drop,
Over to safety,
To collapse and wonder
And they lock eyes again
And unlock new territory
As the dreamer ends his dream,
Each understands
What the other has gained:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet and literary critic, was born today in 1772.

Alfred Nobel, Swedish businessman, chemist and inventor, who invented dynamite and founded the institute of Nobel Prizes, was born on this day in 1833.

Carrie Fisher, Actress, author and comedian, famous for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, was born on this day in 1956.

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