Anna Wintour
Down the runway.
So "in" right now,
And a good 3 miles
Before the turn.
Which will be more of a flop?
With the hands she has
The river will never be seen.
She just has no guile,
Only poise.
She'll wink
Too hard,
Saying nothing, but
Showing everything.
She's an open book,
From her one face one can
Know every chapter,
Know every storyline,
Know every character,
Know every subplot.
She will be everything
For everyone,
From furs to fleece,
Winceyette to wool,
On all fours,
In killer heels,
There is nothing
She won't do
For her next
15 minutes.

Anna Wintour, British-American Journalist and editor of Vogue magazine, was born on this day in 1949.

Kendall Jenner, American TV personality, was born today in 1995.

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