Robert Louis Stevenson
When the blade burst his stomach,
I knew that today wasn't the best day
To visit leafy Oxford.

The blood that flowed in the street
Reminded me of Rome in September,
The Sun gleaming enigmatically upon the Tiber.

Each attacker was relentless,
Unstoppable as the insatiable Tsunami
Devouring Japanese coastlines.

As I shook in my boots
A blade took the head clean off
My faithful companion, Friday.

That was the point I realised
I was unlikely to get out of this situation,
Despite my attempts to prove my true British heritage.

As if to ascertain the voracity of my claim
The Baron cleaved my torso asunder
Only to discover my heart was truly England.

The St. Brice’s Day massacre, ordered by King Æthelred the Unready took place today in 1002.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish author and travel writer, was born today in 1850.

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