The Wall
...We came in
And everything was spread out:
A cheap buffet on broken crockery.
A girl stared out of the window
And the white was apparent:
White teeth;
White skin;
White eyes;
White soul;
White wings;
White grass;
White walls;
White sky.
Did she know about the dark?
Did she know about the cold?
Did she know I was watching?
Did she know where the exit was?
Isn't this where...

The Wall, Rock Opera and Concept album by British rock band, Pink Floyd, was release today in 1979.

Thriller, pop album by American singer-songwriter, Michael Jackson, is released today in 1982, and becomes the biggest selling album of all time.

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  1. ruhland99 says:

    The Wall 40 years ago?? Time goes on..

  2. maylynno says:

    The wall and thriller are still as big as when they were released

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