The Dynamite Kid
"What would I like for Christmas?"
He wrestled with that question
As he barrelled through the air
Ending his expected journey
With his shoulders splintering
The flimsy announcer's table,
Which compliantly disintegrated beneath him
To the hazing jeers of a distant crowd.
As he squared up to the
Substance of that question
He was rudely interrupted
By a metal chair slashing
Across his bruise-mottled back.
"Perhaps a nice bottle of Gin?"
That would go down nicely
And numb the pain
Of his opponent's grasping
Hands gently ripping at his hair,
Which dripped with sweat and peroxide.
And when he was manhandled
Neatly into prescribed surrender
The taste of a pipe and slippers
Seemed almost kayfabe.

The Dynamite Kid, Professional Wrestler from England, was born today in 1958 and died, on this 60th birthday, today in 2018.

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