Attack on Pearl Harbour
Up on above infamy blotted out the sun,
Raining fire and aviation fuel.
Dull moaning engines flared,
Accelerated directly into attack,
And Operation Z did begin.

Up on the deck a fizzing approached,
Sliced the bands across the bay,
Pierced the heart of West Virginia,
Breaking the hearts of her
Diving escaping crew escaping her innards.

Up on the towers a rattled
Artillery gunner rattled through
All his ammunition, spitting
Everything in insult and hatred
At his enemy pilot attackers.

Up on hidden moments freed
Smoking hulks slid to shallow graves,
Billowing bubbles of blast fragments,
Brittle in the brine, cracking, warped, broken,
And Operation Z was ended.

The attack on Pearl Harbour, which initiated the United States’ entry into World War II, began today in 1941.

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