Walt Disney
The Villanelle of Maker's Arms

Thought offers up plenty of firm foundation,
And often just enough of fertile ground, 
Upon which to commence major creation.

We wait patiently through oration and quotation
For formulation of mental notes so profound,
And thoughts to offer up enough firm foundation.

And we build a fixation for communication,
A demonstration of contemplation run aground
Upon a pimple to commence minor creation.

We throw the switch of reanimation,
A recreation re-creation from burial ground
That offers up enough mental foundation

And scaffolded towers teetering in agitation,
Like a metronome hand in perpetual rebound,
Upon which we commence natural creation.

Our constant derivation without deviation,
Stinks like a festering, maggot-ridden flesh wound,
But, still offers up a plethora of firm foundation 
Upon which to commence generic creation. 

Gustave Eiffel, French civil engineer, famous for the Eiffel Tower, was born on this day in 1832.

Max Yasgur, American dairy farmer and host of the world famous Woodstock music festival, was born today in 1919.

Glenn Miller, American trombonist, arranger and big band leader, died today in 1944.

Walt Disney, American entrepreneur, animator and film producer, died today in 1966.

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