Paula Radcliffe
The Ballad of the Asphalt Chaser

With aches and pains and tired feet
   She chalks off miles content
Upon the grimy, crumbling street,
   O'er hills or steep descent.
But when she reaches sharp ascent
   She keeps the drive to stay.
Her head will rock and she looks spent,
   But that is just her way.

Inside she hides a secret will
   That boosts her constant run.
It fuels her fire and her skill
   And moves her till she's won.
She has endurance, pulls away,
   To the distance she's gone.
Other runners try another day:
   She's always number one!

Paula Radcliffe, English long-distance runner, was born today in 1973.

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  1. I love this, Nathan. Maybe you should send it to Runner’s Magazine.

    1. Ironically I live in the village where she used to live. The main road that runs past Oakley is called “Paula Radcliffe way”.

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