David Bailey
Here's a scoop!
On the cutting room floor
Exist the edited.
Recycled celebrities,
Touched up too much 
And out of relevance.
Snippings from old glossy magazines
Pasted on to cardboard stands
And over-saturated.
Even the bokeh backgrounds fade.
The exposure flared and candid,
Chimping them into obscurity.
Wiping the angle
Without any more inches in columns or 
Snaps in borders, wrapped
In panned watermarks,
Drowning in their tears.
The wrinkles are showing
And their off to jungle,
Warts and all,
To wring a few more minutes
From their fifteen.

David Bailey, English fashion and portrait photographer, was born today in 1938.

Pete Postlethwaite, English character actor, died today in 2011.

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