Nicolas Cage
Sonnet I

Shall attempt to justify myself
With words that could explain it all to you?
But how does one so blind perceive whats true
When stuck alone and hopeless 'pon the shelf?
A soul forgotten, like a fallen sun
That shines so brightly till it starts to fade,
Casts off the crowning glory it displayed
Evinces its true form that all will shun.
Electric pulses through our meagre flesh
And charges us with feelings deep and strong.
Keep emotions conscious all day long
To taste the sweetness flowing free and fresh.
I'll justify myself by saying this:
We all face off against the grave abyss.

Nicolas Cage, American actor and filmmaker, was born today in 1964.

Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, and pioneer, died today in 1943.

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