Peter Cook
I heard hounds baying,
Straining on the hunt,
Like an encore at the Colosseum,
They tore into the scent of their prey.

Down they went, one by one,
As doves do at the sight of land,
A duvetful of glorious sniping,
And the hounds snapped up the fallen.

Faithful in whining orisons,
The dogs snapped up the fodder,
Chewing in great lolloping slops
The flesh, blood, bone and lead.

And far behind the crunching canines
Stood the benevolent sorceress,
Weaving her summer magick
Over animal savagery.

Her wand flickered again
And her brew, complete with sacrifice,
Boiled into silky brown
For elevation and adulation.

The witch was now awake,
Mixing and milking,
Accusing and guilting
Her flock in their numbness.

Jimmy Page, English musician, songwriter and producer, was born today in 1944.

Peter Cook, English satirist and comedic actor, died on this day in 1995.

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