Alan Rickman
I always knew she was motherish,
With her hair dye and ridiculous bonnets,
Her handbag was made of a puffer fish
It held all her scribbles and sonnets.
Her poesy was green from the dribbling
That constantly flowed from her snitch.
Those envious eyes fawned in the quibbling
That goaded her thunderous twitch.
And she knew how to rile up her dinner guest
With her claws set sharp at his throat.
Her victim just sat in the viper's nest
Awaiting his butler and coat.
She sang him a sad, lonesome lullaby
With her whiskey still clamped in her grasp
And he left her to dutifully mummify
Permanently cuddling her asp.

Mark Antony, Roman politician and general, was born today in 83BC.

Lewis Carroll, English writer, died today in 1898.

Alan Rickman, English actor, died today in 2016,

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  1. d.a.simpsonwriter Avatar

    Lovely. Thank you for sharing

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