Lin-Manuel Miranda
Interaction is impossible with lips sewn shut.
Walk, turn, walk, turn, walk.
Learn this on the couch: eyes up, mouth straight,
Walk the line - nose down.
Emotion is the enemy.
Walk, turn, walk, turn, walk.... change!
Slick hands pin hair, spin her, 
Push her, touch hair, touch skin, touch, touch.
Touch, walk, turn, walk, turn, walk, change, touch.
Do it enough times, it become robotic,
Hypnotic, transcendent, a mannequin.
Do it enough times and repressed, retouched:
Again, again and again.
Touch, touch, touch, walk, turn, walk, turn, walk, change, touch.
Until they are in her body, in her mind, in her pattern, in her designs.
          my turn...
                   to walk...
                             my turn...
                                       to talk...

Kate Moss, English model, was born today in 1974.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, American composer, lyricist, singer, actor, playwright and producer, was born today in 1980.

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