Lord Byron
The Ode to William Kydd

He was born for rolling waves fair,
   That sullen child of Dundee street.
He riled Andrew beyond compare
   With night time secretive retreat.
They chased him far and wide in fear,
   His coffers growing thick from trade,
And lost it all to looting peer
   Who robbed him blind and without a blade.
Abandoned by his crew at night
   He fled to Carib island bright.

He sailed to Bellomont in Mass
    To dodge his mutinous old crew
And ended locked up with his lass
    With raving, twisted smile askew.
Dispatched to English trial and jail
    Kidd hoped for kinder patrons there.
He floated hope to no avail
    And swung to death in Wapping square.
Our Kydd was gibbeted for show,
    Deterring would-be pirate foe.   

William Kidd, Scottish sailor and pirate, was (probably) born today in 1655.

Lord Byron, English poet, peer and politician, was born today in 1788.

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