Chris Rea
The road to hell ends at the green door.
Open it....

blue sky      no cloud      aerobatic handwriting
crayoning the message      wElCoMe, WaRrIoR      sweating
pasture      meadows carpeted with green grass      rolled by hand
cows with hooves      horns      branded      bonded to a fence
chewing      chewing      chewing     chewing      chewing
a grass gum      a brass pat      cows with red eyes
horns tipped with blood
a pathway      gravelled      pitched and tossed
each piece a small skull      chattering
leading me      crunching      leading
a gateway      unbolted      pregnant
swinging       waiting      waiting
pushing through      noise
a goat      cloven hooves      square pupils staring
bleating      writhing      cloven hooves
staring      golden tipped horns
a twisted smile      golden crowned teeth
bleating      bleating      bleating
grey sky      bronze meadow      skeletal cows
cows with fleshless hooves      fleshless horns
chewing      chewing       chewing      chewing      bones
cows with burning eyes      horns tipped with dripping blood
bleating      bleating      bleating      beating
whipping      slashing       naked       pummelled
to knees       kneel       bleating      bleating
night       the sun extinguished      like a candle
the gravel enflamed     licking at the green door
licking at my eyes    licking though my veins
burning      burning      burning       in hell's furnace
bleating      bleating       burning       burnt

Shakin’ Stevens, Welsh singer, was born today in 1948.

Chris Rea, British singer-songwriter and guitarist, was born today in 1951.

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