Julius Caesar
Today his death will be televised
The blades reflecting sharp in polished marble
Each account will be twisted and stylised
Each eye fierce, each desire carnal.

The blades reflect sharp in the polished marble
His body slumping in prior arrangement
His eye fierce, his desire carnal.
Hell's own disastrous agent.

His body slumps in prior arrangement
The crowd assaults his slitted honour
Hell's own disastrous agent
Recoils in immaculate horror.

The crowd assaulted his honour
Defiling him with defenestration
Recoiled in immaculate horror
At his blighted impact mutilation

Defiling him with defenestration
And in pieces of broken pottery
His blighted impact mutilation
Scraped up into compound mockery

And those pieces of broken pottery
That once completed his bust
Were scraped up into compound mockery
By the hands that undid his trust

At once they completed his bust
And raised him as hero and villain
The hands that undid his trust
Complete their unreal but grand vision

They raise him as a hero and villain
Each account twisted and stylised
And complete their unreal but grand vision
By ensuring his death was televised.

Gaius Julius Caesar, Roman statesman and military leader, was assassinated today in 44BC.

David Cronenberg, Canadian Filmmaker, was born today in 1943.

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    A-2 Brute Boy.

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