Gail Porter
Fresh days onwards?
Each one could be better than those that came before.
If you believe in such stuff.

This could indicate some kind of journey.
Travel. Putting one foot ahead. One best foot forward.
It's stupid really.

We could sing a song.
Tell a joke. Here's one I made earlier.
A teardrop shaped sculpture.

It's raining now.
The rain falls in waves tousled by the gusting wind
And splatters upon my window.

I look closer to see the characteristic
Pulp of sleet. A winter's mocking moment:
A walk into a cold wood at night.

Alone, now? I prick my ear.
I sense the distant crunch of wolf tracks
As they hunger after my scent.

They circle closer, closer, closer,
Nipping at my heels, sapping my strength,
Wanting to feast upon my liver.

Awake! Coinciding with the thunder!
A nightmare, maybe, but the open wound across my belly
Says otherwise.

Maybe I should sing, laugh, make some crap.
Maybe I should wave my hands in an empty space
In front of the green screen.

Maybe I could predict the weather,
Divine the changing seasons.
Maybe I could be the hunting wolf. Join their pack.

Then, the night would give me purpose.
They would give me purpose.
Purpose would give me purpose.

Onwards, purpose!

Barry Cryer, English writer, comedian, actor and legend, was born today in 1935.

Damon Albarn, English musician, singer and songwriter, was born today in 1968.

Gail Porter, Scottish television presenter, model and actress, was born today in 1971.

Today in World Meteorological Day.

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