Walt Whitman
Gilgamesh arrived, with style and one thumb hooked in his buckle. 
He rode the Black Bull of God, like it were a white stallion. They were bound 
To notice him, and they did. But they were confused. They stood in their queue 
In total shock, scarred, but seemingly expecting him and his entourage. His set 
Of Queens: Enkidu, the gorgeous Eunuch, and Humbaba, stylist and patient, 
Still healing from being loved too much. Their goal was to tip 

This place. Unsettle the red neck mob without so much as a tip 
As a thank you. This mob didn't say please, but they soon begin to buckle 
Under their combined sparkle. Gilgamesh just needed to be patient. 
He made the mob understand that they couldn't be bound 
By the Boss's rules anymore. "Gay! Be Gay, my friends! Set 
Yourselves free. Never wait for His cue." 

But not everyone wanted change. One ran into the bar, picked up a cue 
As a weapon and began to sharpen the tip. 
His spear. His dangerous manhood, provoked and set 
With a mighty shaft. He waited, one thumb hooked into his buckle. 
And then he realised. He'd already been beaten and bound 
To the want of Gilgamesh and his group of queers. A patient 

Man emerged from the halls of God with black and white surmon. A patient 
Man, with black patent leather shoes shining, white collar, looking for his cue 
To begin his long wordy speech about being bound 
To the service of God. Gilgamesh came. His fist releasing his tip 
Into the empty bowl of plenty. The priest smiled and his resolve buckled 
To greed as quickly as an equatorial sun set. 

But Gilgamesh wasn't done. He wanted the full set! 
He'd got the mob, and now he had the patient 
Man. He'd turned them. Outed them. Now he wanted the Boss to buckle. 
To bend to his way of thinking. To turn him would be his cue 
To move on with his pride. His rainbow band. So they all set 
Off to the rim of the mount. They climbed. They felt homeward bound 

It seemed. But the Boss was waiting and it was they who were bound 
And gagged. Now, they were his. Subdued and dominated. Set 
For a fate unknown but perhaps welcome. The Boss took Gilgamesh's head. "A tip, 
Gilgamesh", said the Boss. "You will not find a more patient 
Being than I. I was there at the beginning, waiting in that queue. 
I loved watching you with your thumb hooked in your buckle 

And I love you here, bound like an unconscious patient. 
And I'm all set to take back my bull and add you to my queue, 
Waiting, waiting for my tip, and then I'll hook you in my buckle."

Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer and pianist, died today in 1827.

A. E. Housman, English poet and scholar, was born today in 1859.

Robert Frost, American poet, was born today in 1874.

Walt Whitman, American poet, essayist and journalist, died today in 1892.

Raymond Chandler, American-British author, died today in 1959.

Noel Coward, English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer, died today in 1973.

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